Password - Artisan Fine Fragrance

Fragrant interpretation of art piece "Chaos Theory"

THEME:  A secret knock, a lock and key.


NOTES:  Almost without exception, jasmine can be found in every floral perfume on the market, but not here.  Password is an exquisite jasmine-free floral, a rarity!  Magnolia, mahogany flower, Italian honeysuckle, tiare, iris, strawberry leaf, musk, vintage guaiac wood, antique French broom, Mysore sandal, cassie.

Broom brings favor to the wearer while mahogany offers an artistic sensuousness. Tiare induces the search for truth and guaiac aids in forgiveness.

Fragrantica Review by Ida Meister:

"Floral: dear me, oh my, yes, indeed. The intoxication of nearly overripe blossoms assaults at first sniff—as plush and luscious as one could wish, and then some. Over the span of time, richer, more complex facets of these flowers reveal themselves and unfurl slowly. One may even sense a faintly powdery woodiness which underlies it all, previously unnoticeable. It is worth waiting for the marvelous drydown,utterly unlike its bold and riotous onset."