New Releases 2022 Quincunx Collector's Set

16ml each of Burlwood, Beautywood, KiKi, Vanilla Caviar and Black Sheep.

Most who walk the wooded path pay no attention to the small stand of burled Madrona trees, however you stop to cherish them. Caressing the texture of the bark releases a beautiful perfume and you are enraptured by the aroma.

KiKi is a fantasy fragrance for lovers of mirrored disco balls, house parties with friends and all things ultraviolet. 

Companion fragrance to High Beauty Oil - discover the magic of authentic sandalwood. 

While the outer portion of the cured vanilla pod exudes a woody, spicy scent, the tiny seeds inside the pod contain the creamy, buttery and musky aspects of vanilla. Companion tones of exotic natural plumeria concrete, as well as ambrette seed and sesame.

Among the rarest of essences - costus root oil possesses the aroma of fine wool. Though it has been employed in the composition of the finest amber perfumes, costus is rarely used in modern perfumery due to it's scarcity and high cost.