Immortal - Artisan Fine Fragrance

Fragrant interpretation of art piece "Phantasmagore"

THEME: New life rising from dead leaves.  Ghost flowers.  


NOTES:  African sandarac, oud, mosses, orris root, violets, galbanum, chaste tree berry, Tahitian tiare flower (a small gardenia), calendula syrup, Italian honeysuckle, cork, fir balsam, chrysanthemum, pinewood. 

Sandarac connects the wearer to their highest destiny. Violets bring long life.  Mums honor the ancestors and our past selves, as pinewood cradles the earthly body.  

Fragrantica Review by Ida Meister:

"I was instantly smitten by Immortal, helpless to resist. The sunny nature of honeysuckle soon entangles herself in a sylvan embrace from which there is no escape. Add balsamic resins and oud, and the haunting ensues."