House of Matriarch: A CaFleureBon Legacy. Limited Edition Trio

"House of Matriarch:  A CaFleureBon Legacy."   This beautiful limited edition trio of 100% natural perfumes features three unisex fragrances inspired by CaFleureBon over the years.

The trio is a tangible manifesto of the tremendous creative inspiration provided throughout time by Michelyn Camen, the blog's Editor in Chief, and her team of writers.  Also a testament to the influence of the blog-o-sphere in shaping the American perfumery movement. 

Three 15ml (1/2 ounce) atomizers are presented in our black velvet lined keepsake box.  

Only 20 sets produced - each trio is autographed and numbered. 

The Perfumes are:  ANTIMONY, FORBIDDEN and THE MAJ