High Perfumery 2017 Discovery Set: Natural, Artisan & Organic Perfume Sample Set

*NEW ASSORTMENT FOR 2017 - High Perfumery Discovery Set includes 1ml sample vials of our 9 top selling perfumes:  Albatross, Black No 1, Coco Blanc, Devotion, Forbidden, Kazimi, Orca, Sex Magic, and Trillium in Matriarch's award winning honeycomb box. 

*Destrier, The Longing & Antimony are new releases and are sold separately. For individual samples, visit each individual product page.

Review from Luca Turin: "If HoM is anything to go by, niche perfumery is growing up fast, both in presentation and in content. Beautiful blue bottles with coppery labels; a distinctive look, half steampunk and half Islamic-abstract; consistently good, properly worked-out perfumes with apt but not hyperbolic names; and an overall cast of high quality and good humor.