LAVENDER LOVERS High Perfumery Discovery Kit

Enliven your senses with 4 fragrances in the perfect 3.3 ml size.

These sprayers are the perfect size for travel and sharing. High quality misters deliver a "full bottle" style veil for ample coverage with just one spray.

The holy grail of lavender perfumes.  Triple gold medal award winning Hidcote Pink Lavender, organically grown and artisan distilled on the Olympic Peninsula is the crown jewel of this modern chypre formulation.

A fragrance born of the Northwest. Dream-inducing lavender fields mingle with towering cedar trees swaying gently in the misted Pacific breeze. An underlying sense of exploration, imbued through a smooth vetiver base note, keeps this ancient NW spirit youthful and exotic. Madrona, whose bark itself look like it was forged of polished bronze, lends more than just a note to this fragrance — it lays the roots of its name.

Is it the buttery bouquet of plumeria, ylang ylang, jasmine and broom tossed upon breezy dune grasses?  Or the firm foundation of tobacco, oakmoss and Hawaiian sandalwood?  Perhaps it's the Tahitian vanilla, the tonka or the genuine ambergris wooing you towards exotic escapes and irresistible pleasure...

A living work of liquid art, HoM's first cult classic was launched as BLACKBIRD in 2012.  Named the TOP MEN’S FRAGRANCE by Men’s Journal Magazine and BEST OF THE WEST by Sunset Magazine, this worldly and penetrating perfume contains more than 300 exotic natural essences and a living spirit of it's own.