Gateways - Artisan Fine Fragrance

Fragrant interpretation of art piece "Unplugged"

THEME:  Primal Impulses, Perfect Timing


NOTES:  Texas chocolate, amber, mitti attar, tobacco, tuberose, ambreine, muhuhu, Haitian vetiver, boutique Hawaiian vanilla

Cocoa and tobacco are powerful aphrodisiacs. Tuberose increases intuition and confidence, while balancing raging passions. Vetiver brings a sense of well being and fights dark thoughts as vanilla speeds up reflexes and brings meaning to the journey.

Fragrantica Review by Ida Meister:

"Oh, this is good. It’s earthy, creamy, succulent—and then, the not-quite-knifelike-edge of oud. Just to stir the pot a little. Gateways won’t leave you with cavities, but it may open the door to more gourmand-like fragrances for those who would normally eschew them. I know that there has to be some flower enfolded into this quirky, charming batter—but Christi doesn’t tell me, and I’m not asking.  ;-)  It’s enough to frolic in it."