Future Classics Quincunx with Collector's Presentation

An enlightened arrangement of double-blooming Roman chamomile and earthy ambrette seed absolute, alchemized in rose-quartz spirits. Here you find chamomile in it's full expression - with effects to the subtle body immediately apparent to the wearer.  

Violet Flame is an alchemical invitation to the subtle body and a delight to the temporal senses. For those who know, and those who wish to. 

Exceptionally rare and precious natural essences merge the four cardinal fragrance families into a singular, numinous perfume experience. Ethereal muskiness holds you in its tender grasp as heavenly floral, fresh green and dazzling animalic accords unfurl in polarity, revealing their elemental magic. 

WitchMusk is a bottled spell that declares "SORRY MR - NOT IN THIS LIFETIME." 100% of sales support the freedom to use natural ingredients in perfume-making and the dissolution of the patriarchal fragrance monopolies.

The "mother of all' gourmand fragrances - mouthwatering, modern and unisex with a dark twist!