Floral Quincunx with Collector's Presentation

15ml each of Trillium Woo L'Arrivée Madrona and  Kazimi.
Trillium: an invitation to an enchanted tea party. Steeped in a long and noble history, this tea and white floral fantasy fragrance was brewed to capture the spirit of the elusive Great White Trillium flower. Fresh in its unfolding; tart notes from rooibos, exotic flares from aglaia and mimosa and a touch of coffee flower meld, as double blooming Roman chamomile dances above.

A warm and seductive tropical vibe, yet without any coconut or sharp marine notes, Woo highlights the most erotic aromas known to mankind - genuine tropical flowers, ocean breezes, tobacco, leather, vanilla and bona-fide ambergris. These tender favorites come together in a new and unforgettable way to form a perfectly unisex perfume that, due to limited production has remained our best kept secret.
The perfect "honeymoon" scent.  Quiet yet tenacious, this is a fragrance that stays on your mind, wooing you towards exotic escapes and irresistible pleasure. 

TIMELESS - A "masculine floral" jasmine with the trueness of natural jasmine apparent at first spray.  Soft mimosa harmonizes with sunny marigold, bergamot and twinkling magnolia.  In the heart, several varieties of natural jasmine including two boutique distillations dance with wisps of exotic tiare, broom, Omani frankincense, neroli and rosewood - notes which add to the interest of the jasmine bouquet but never detract. 

A soft erogenous base of Hawaiian vanilla and Royal Hawaiian sandalwood invoke an amber effect in the dry down.  Rare South African gia adds a honeyed note and the drama of her secret spice to complete this perfect jasmine soliflore experience. 

Not as indolic as one would expect due to the addition of Christi's proprietary civet replacement which balances the overall effect, and lends a suede like finish on the skin.  

A fragrance born of the Northwest. Dream-inducing lavender fields mingle with towering cedar trees swaying gently in the misted Pacific breeze. An underlying sense of exploration, imbued through a smooth vetiver base note, keeps this ancient NW spirit youthful and exotic. Madrona, whose bark itself look like it was forged of polished bronze, lends more than just a note to this fragrance — it lays the roots of its name.

Top Notes:  Hints of white ginger, ruh gulab (an attar style rose oil) Edward Rose and Rose Bourbania twinkle in the opening.  

Heart Notes:  Rose Apothecary Concrete Tincture, Rose Otto  (very special French process using petals only: a boutique Robertet product. ) White Rose India, Wild rose (alchemical rose with corolla) small batch distillation of red cedar heartwood wildcrafted in USA.  The unexpected X factor in this perfume emerges here: Green Heart Wood from Kenya.  Exceptionally rare, this oud-like note is hardly detectable to most noses, yet imparts it’s magic for an amplifying and softening effect that is dreamy, ancient and spacious.

Base Notes: Opoponax resinoid is sweet, and smells vintage, hinting at suede.  The accord is made possible with generous amounts of natural Oakmoss. Our house blend of Oud is apparent but never overpowering - oud has been a constant companion to rose throughout the history of perfume making.  Africa stone and Ambergris ground the perfume with a cruelty-free, yet animalic, musky patina.  Exotic spices are present during the entire drydown, providing interest without dominating.