HIGH BEAUTY OIL - Mysore Sandalwood All Purpose Dressing Oil

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The holy grail of emollients, HIGH BEAUTY OIL is the only dressing oil formulated with rare Mysore sandalwood and precious, nutritive seed oils. The evolution of this blend has been Christi's head-to-toe, all-purpose beauty secret for more than fifteen years.

Molecules in the precious sandalwood essence signal skin to rejuvenate and increase circulation - reducing wrinkles, spider veins and inflammation. In addition to it's beautifying qualities, Mysore sandalwood is among the most treasured aromas on Earth - sensual, empowering and noble.

Hair and beards are fresh, tamed and lustrous - over time, growing longer and thicker than ever before. Tame your frizz, soften rough elbows and knees and replace your cuticle oil and hand cream. 

Begins shipping November 29th, 2019

SUGGESTED USE: Use sparingly - HIGH BEAUTY OIL is a highly concentrated oil formulated without fillers so a little goes a long way.  Start with only half of the amount you would normally use of an oil based product and work evenly into the hair or skin. The mild fragrance lingers as a skin scent until your next bath or shower. 

As a bath oil: Add 5ml in small tubs for a full bath, and 10ml for large baths just before you enter the tub, not while the water is running. If you are on a municipal water source, let the hot water sit for five minutes before adding the oil. This allows dissipation of the chlorine and other pollutants prior to your soak. Not for use in hot tubs. Bath oils can create slippery surfaces, use care getting in and out of the tub. 

* 100% active ingredients - no coconut, tree nut or palm oils, fillers, silicone or synthetic fragrances.  Vegan, kosher, halal and gluten free.  Not tested on animals.