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Cedrus Libani Hydrosol


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2022 Vintage of cedrus libani hydrosol. This is the distillate of a five year old tree planted in Seattle which was earmarked for this 2022 distillation.  Steam and water bath distillation took place on 4/16/22.

The distinctive aroma is heavenly. This is a hydrosol that is rich and cloudy as the oil remains suspended in the distillate. Use as a topical or in place of the water element in your formulations.

The rare, natural compound himachalene is present in large proportion. PubMed studies document this natural compound could treat multi-drug resistant leukemia which which could help lead to discovering a cure for all kinds of cancer. This explains why the cedars of Lebanon were used for sacred purposes and healing by the ancients.

Given the antimicrobial nature of this hydrosol, it carries a four year shelf life when refrigerated. Very limited supply, just a few bottles of each size are available.