Bohemian Black - 100% Natural Artisan Fine Fragrance

Fragrance Family: Enigmatic Amber

(100% Natural & Vegan)

Bohemian Black expresses the essence of non-linear fragrance composition and affirms once again that Nature is the ultimate luxury.

  • House recipe limoncello spirits, consciousness-altering herbal tinctures, honeyed white blossoms (organic Colombian gardenia, Tahitian tiare, boutique distilled Italian honeysuckle, night blooming jasmine), salty choya trio, aged noble resins (Omani frankincense, Siam benzoin), sacred woods (Mysore sandal, Buddha wood, agarwood) and Matriarch's house blend of effervescent amber.

Bohemian Black is the thirteenth perfume of our Luxury Naturals Collection.  It was launched on 12/31/13.

*Distinguished by their unconventional lifestyles and deep dedication to their “sacred work”, modern day "Bohemians" are incorruptible: beholden to no one but Beauty herself. Their ART manifests in many forms.  The haute bohème channel beauty and inspiration to the masses from otherworldly sources: living proof that freedom from the enslavement of conformity is within reach and worth the effort.