PRIVATE RESERVE BLACKBIRD PERFUME - The Original Vintage - Cellared Since 2013


House of Matriarch's first cult classic, the original BLACKBIRD.  Cellared since 2013, we are now offering a limted number of these collectable bottles - liquid proof that this fragrance continues to develop and deepen with the passage of time.  

Named "SEXIEST SCENT" at the International Artisan Fragrance Awards, TOP MENS FRAGRANCE by Men's Journal Magazine and BEST OF THE WEST by Sunset Magazine, this worldly and penetrating perfume contains hundreds of exotic natural essences.  NW conifers, Salish seaweed, black leather, rare oud and cannabis. Genuine animal fixatives add depth and sex appeal.  93% natural raw materials, 7% aroma molecules in a base of organic grape ethanol. Unforgettable.