Black Quincunx with Collector's Presentation

The smoky eye in fragrance form.  Anointing yourself with ANTIMONY is akin to the ancient protective ritual of rimming your eyes with kohl. This talismanic incense perfume draws from the noble history of cosmetica and the aromatic materials which have been used throughout time to create "eye shadow" - the most magical cosmetic of all. 

A living work of liquid art, our first cult classic was launched as BLACKBIRD in 2012.  Named “SEXIEST SCENT” at the International Artisan Fragrance Awards, TOP MEN’S FRAGRANCE by Men’s Journal Magazine and BEST OF THE WEST by Sunset Magazine, this worldly and penetrating perfume contains more than 300 exotic natural essences and a living spirit of it's own.  

Black No. 1 has evolved in her identity while retaining all of her magnificence; only the name of this perfume has changed; the formulation is exactly the same.  Renaming a top selling fragrance is an unprecedented act in the fragrance world, however Black No. 1 captivates the wearer to a deep and enchanting mystique as it whispers "anything is possible".  

During the darkest night, in the darkest hour, The Holly King emerges from the timeless enchanted forest to anoint us with the ancient purpose of the "holly-days / holy-days" - to draw us close to one another.   

SACRE NOIR is a dark forest scent with sparkling gourmand nuances, the chorus echoing in a perfectly unisex aromatic arrangement. This is the one and only House of Matriarch fragrance that noticeably varies in form from year to year, depending on the weather and it's effects on the various conifers in the formulation.
Heart notes of noble woods, resinous incenses, fantastical holly, exotic spices and warm balsams evoke feelings of comfort and cheer while a twinkling sugarplum accord offers an almost edible deliciousness to this otherwise dark and resinous holiday fragrance.  

Among the rarest of essences - costus root oil possesses the aroma of fine wool. Though it has been employed since the beginnings of perfume making in the composition of the finest natural oriental and amber perfumes, costus is rarely used in modern perfumery due to it's scarcity and high price. 

A tincture of raw Icelandic black fleece (humanely sheared from the lovely Penelope) in grape spirits alchemizes the costus with notes of clover, cistus, copal and barley which tame the beastly power of the costus and reveal it's underlying spiciness.

The overall olfactive experience is linear rather than pyramidal due to the exalting fixative qualities of the costus root, apparent from the top down.  Projects mildly, yet lasts for days on the skin and indefinitely on fabric.  

* The black sheep of antiquity were not set apart from flock by their wayward natures, but because of their value!  Before dyes were readily available, their fleece was the only way to create black fabric. While the common people of antiquity wore clothing in neutral shades, black was reserved for the clergy, the law and other nobles who were considered a "big deal."  

True power and creativity is always found on the fringe.  With those that dwell out-of-bounds, the disruptive ones, the black sheep.  

The ultimate bitter chocolate accord - a symphony of dark, smoked teas and bittersweet Dutch process cocoa comprise the base as espresso and exotic spices invite the lingering of the sharper tones.  Bourbonesque charred woods, hints of warm amber and a touch of oud create a velvety, harmonic drydown that takes a full five hours to develop on the skin and lasts overnight.