AromaWands - Rare Essences in Portable Vaporizers - High Impact Aromatherapy Delivery System

AromaWands are luxurious personal vaporizers enshrining rare and noble essences - the first of their kind.  Our Perfumer Christi Meshell began vaporizing high-grade natural essences in 2013.  She shared her newfound ritual with her inner circle and started searching for a way to offer the experience to fragrance connoisseurs.  Now, portable vaporizers have provided the perfect technology for us to stop and smoke the roses!

Each AromaWand provides hundreds of scent sessions - just puff the wand and inhale deeply.  As you exhale, the vaporized essences envelop your entire olfactory palate and taste buds for a heavenly experience.  You may experience a subtle shift in your consciousness for up to an hour afterward due to the aromatherapeutic nature of the essences delivered by the AromaWand. 

(Especially noticeable with the oud, sandalwood frankincense and lemongrass.)

AromaWands are created from units of the highest quality - Christi sourced countless components over three years before finding the perfect all in one unit that met her demands for ease of use, zero failure and a pure vapor.  The pre-charged battery inside the wand lasts for one year - the light on the tip begins blinking when the wand is empty - keep upright to ease the flow. Each wand holds 7ml of aroma, providing 200-300 puffs, depending on how deeply you inhale. 

100% natural, 100% safe and smoke free.  No caffeine, nicotine, THC, calories, or synthetic flavors. Vegan, Kosher & Halal. Recyclable.

AromaWands ship worldwide.