Aria in F# - The Essence of Facebook Fragrance Friends

Aria in F Sharp - Limited Edition 

The collective essence of the group Facebook Fragrance Friends (the mother of all online fragrance communities) this perfume was blended live, unplanned and intuitively from a list of notes the members of the group desired to smell in their collaborative creation.

Incredible, vintage 1950's vintage Mysore sandalwood anchors the blend in a soft noble wood foundation while cardamom, rose petal, orange blossom and patchouli absolutes dance with an exotic flare.

Sandalwood corresponds with the tone F# in qabalistic pathworking -  and Aria was suggested as the name for the perfume by a member of the group.  ARIA in F# rang true as the name the moment it emerged.  F stands for Fragrance - F stands for Friends - but F also stands for FAMILY -  and this fragrance is the essence of something that feels like family to so many of us who make this community a part of our daily world.  This work of High Perfumery is dedicated to each member of the group - most especially the group's matriarch - Charlotte Scheuer.  

Allocation of the 450ml of finished fragrance:

qty 18  - 1ml vial    /    qty 81  - 2ml atomizer      /      qty 18  - 15ml atomizer