ANOSMIA TEST PANEL - Discover your olfactory blind spots with our PERFUME SPECIFIC test kit!


More than 30% of women and 40% of men are affected by SPECIFIC ANOSMIA - olfactory blind spots which impact their evaluation of fragrances. 

Now you can put your olfactory sense to the test to discover what you may be missing with the first of it's kind PERFUME SPECIFIC ANOSMIA TEST PANEL compiled by our Perfumer Christi Meshell.  The panel tests your detection of eight common anosmic materials commonly found in fine fragrances that could be affecting your perfume evaluations and creations. Most are base notes, all are cruelty free and the kit employs both natural and synthetic materials.

Once you learn your results, the remainder of your sample can be used to train your nose to more effectively detect the odors you had difficulty smelling - or perhaps couldn't smell at all.  There have been amazing clinical successes in decreasing 'thresholds of detection' in both men and women who have used this method to increase their sensitivity to aromas that were previously a challenge to detect. 

For those who take smelling seriously, this panel is a must!  Brand owners, creative directors and fragrance critics can now be sure they are among those who can "smell it all" before they begin impressing their ideas and creations onto the rest of the smelling world!

Test fee includes an email consultation with Christi regarding your results after your test is complete!  Score perfect results and you will receive a "Perfect Nose" certificate which you can proudly share on your website or blog. 

*DISCLAIMER: This panel is for education and self discovery - results do not constitute a medical diagnosis, nor is there a guarantee that improvement in your olfaction will result from studying with this kit. All results are kept confidential.