Amber Trio with Collector's Presentation

15ml each of Ambre Vie, L'Arrivee and Orca.

Liquid gold; intense, yet subtle. More than one hundred different aromatics comprise this silky scent, including rare essences of ambreine and a very special vintage "super refined" dragon’s blood.  Fresh mimosa and davana top notes awaken the luxurious unfolding of this ultra-natural amber as costus offers it's animalic mystique.  Perfect for lovers of musky notes who command a fragrance free of animal products.  
After the initial floral impression, the reverse dry down takes six hours or more to fully develop, growing mysteriously stronger with time.

Jasmine is apparent at first spray as a soft mimosa harmonizes and a sunny accord of marigold, bergamot and magnolia twinkles through. In the heart, several rare varieties of natural jasmine dance with traces of exotic tiare, broom, Omani frankincense, neroli and rosewood - notes which add to the interest of the jasmine bouquet but never detract. 

A soft erogenous base of Hawaiian vanilla and Royal Hawaiian sandalwood create an amber effect in the dry down.  Rare South African Gia adds a syrupy honeyed note and the drama of her secret spice to complete this perfect jasmine soliflore experience. 

Not as indolic as one would expect due to the addition of our proprietary civet replacement which balances the overall effect, and lends a suede like finish on the skin.  


Genuine ambergris is sparkling, earthy, musky and effervescent: grounded yet ethereal. Resins lend an  exotic oriental accord and regal coolness to the amber. Natural honey adds a liquid gold note, enhancing the spicy and leathery qualities that this exquisite amber perfume offers. Dancing between a fresh cleanness and the salty patina of ocean-kissed skin, this fragrance Is an intimate experience, improving throughout the day as it washes you with nuanced waves. Subtle by design.