Masculine Discovery Set - NEW ASSORTMENT FOR 2019
Enliven your senses with 7 fragrances in the perfect 3.3 ml size.
3.3ml atomizers of: Bonsai, Black No1, Sex Magic, Albatross, Destrier, Eaglewood & Fitnessence.
Valued at more than $160 if purchased individually, they are the perfect sizes for travel and sharing.  If you are looking to sample the other fragrances, use the search tab to be navigated to the individual page for each perfume.



Bursting conifers and a sacred the tea ceremony harmonize a fresh beginning to an ancient wood base. Your most primitive pleasure centers are activated with touchpoints of spice and incense.

A living work of liquid art, our first cult classic was launched as BLACKBIRD in 2012.  Named “SEXIEST SCENT” at the International Artisan Fragrance Awards, TOP MEN’S FRAGRANCE by Men’s Journal Magazine and BEST OF THE WEST by Sunset Magazine, this worldly and penetrating perfume contains more than 300 exotic natural essences and a living spirit of it's own.  

Thirteen varieties of cedar, exotic sandalwood, and a touch of oud. Unquestionably vivid and sonorous, these woods sing with the ancient resonant voice of the aboriginal didgeridoo. Gandhi root and leather add drama, depth and offer great sillage.

The natural marine accord celebrates that spirit, the fresh coolness of where the ocean meets the sky. Salty Salish Sea breezes meet the soft warm notes of cork, driftwood and cottonwood evoking images of seafaring vessels, creosote-soaked timber, and barnacle covered hulls.

Evocative of riding through a medieval forest - downwind of sweet grasses curing in the sunshine of nearby fields, DESTRIER is unisex fragrance for lovers of horses, leather notes and grassy, coumarinic drydowns.  

"The real deal."  A royal bouquet of sustainable and vintage oud essences from around the world. A spray or dab alone is exquisite and transportative. No artificial oud whatsoever - all varieties are 100% natural and sustainable.  The perfect oud for your fragrance layering experiments.  


The original pre-workout fragrance formulated with high-impact natural essences proven to increase oxygen flow in the brain, benefit the circulatory system, activate beneficial hormonal chain reactions, increase stamina, improve reflexes, and even signal the brain to lubricate the joints. 

Review from Luca Turin: "If HoM is anything to go by, niche perfumery is growing up fast, both in presentation and in content. Beautiful blue bottles with coppery labels; a distinctive look, half steampunk and half Islamic-abstract; consistently good, properly worked-out perfumes with apt but not hyperbolic names; and an overall cast of high quality and good humor. 

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