100% Natural Discovery Set: Artisan and Organic High Perfumery Samples

100% Natural High Perfumery Discovery Set

2ml atomizers of: Coco Blanc, Forbidden, Kazimi, L'Arrivee, Orca, Woo & Antimony 

Valued at more than $160 if purchased individually, they are the perfect sizes for travel and sharing.  If you are looking to sample our other perfumes, you can use the search tab to be navigated to the individual page for each perfume.

Review from Luca Turin: "If HoM is anything to go by, niche perfumery is growing up fast, both in presentation and in content. Beautiful blue bottles with coppery labels; a distinctive look, half steampunk and half Islamic-abstract; consistently good, properly worked-out perfumes with apt but not hyperbolic names; and an overall cast of high quality and good humor. 

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