Posted on April 22, 2017 by Matriarch Blog

Have you ever noticed how there are some perfumes and colognes you really enjoy smelling but you wouldn't want to necessarily wear them?  You enjoy their aroma, but you may not want to smell like all of them or carry their odor throughout an entire day.

Wine flight: Fragrance as An Experience

Have you every enjoyed a flight of wine?  The sensations and juxtapositions of different flavors opening onto your palate in such a non-committal way can be a wonderful voyage - sometimes you discover a new favorite that you would have never thought to order.

For fragrance connoisseurs, perfume discovery becomes a "rabbit hole" sort of passion when the breadth and detail of the art begins to be revealed through copious sampling.  By releasing the pressure of a fragrance needing to be "full bottle worthy" or a "proper toiletry" to be relevant, fragrance enthusiasts can appreciate a fragrance for the journey it provides as they enjoy the fragrance in a detached manner.  

Many fragrance collectors don't even perfume themselves on a daily basis - but they may sniff ten or more perfumes in a day to fuel their passion for fragrance.  Many professional perfumers admit to almost never wearing perfumes themselves. Their work provides enough olfactory stimulation and satiates the need for scent.

And then there are those who say "fragrance saved my life".  One popular fragrance reviewer attests that his perfume sampling and reviewing gave him such an intense sensory satisfaction that it assisted in helping him kick an addiction to heroin.  He's been a fragrance journalist for going on twenty years now - and he's still clean. 

Like with any experience from music to dining - ordering a sample of a fragrance that challenges you (rather than being pleasing to the nose; but otherwise uninteresting) can be a very rewarding experience - you might learn something about yourself in the process of the dry down.  The way we react to a scent can be a wonderful tool for self discovery and even healing.


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