🌲 Rare Steam & Hydro Distillation of Cedrus Libani (Cedar of Lebanon) Essential Oil 🌲

Posted on May 11, 2019 by Matriarch Blog

The beautiful aroma of Cedars of Lebanon is what first attracted our Perfumer Christi Meshell to this rare oil. In studying the oil and it's properties, she learned that the essential oil and hydrosol contain the rare natural compound himachalene. Himachalene is found in the essential oils of only a few plants - usually in trace amounts, however it is found in astonishing quantity in the essential oil of Cedrus Libani. PubMed studies document the possibility that this compound could treat multi-drug resistant leukemia which could mean a cure for all kinds of cancer. The tremendous healing properties of this compound explain why Cedars of Lebanon trees were used for sacred purposes and healing by the ancients. The medicine folk who dispensed this oil to their communities were said to live for many hundreds of years. A portion of the hydrosol and oil from this distillation are being donated to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in hopes that the essence of this sacred tree may be further studied to help unlock new cancer treatments. We are also planting these cedar trees everywhere we can - if you have room to grow one, let us know and we can help you find one to plant - for you and for future generations. There were two runs in a copper alembic - one steam, and the other a hydro distillation.

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