Review of "she" perfume by Enchante

Posted on March 19, 2018 by Matriarch Blog

"...This smoked tea and lemon blossom nirvana lasts for about three hours. The florals have faded a bit, but the essence of the lemongrass is still present. Some lactones along with the vanilla invoke a feeling of sweet cream. The fragrance becomes very grounding and soothing, like a perfect cup of tea with milk. The lemongrass keeps it from becoming too heavy. The oud adds to its contemplative nature. I have to admit, I’m smitten..."   -Enchante

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she - Debut Vintage

Posted on February 07, 2018 by Matriarch Blog

Inspired by Kristin West
Original art "Lemonoude" by Kristin West
depicting Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter
The first 50 pre-orders receive an autographed art print.
"she" High Fragrance with Malysian oud and 1970's vintage Zanzibari lemongrass
  she features rare Malaysian oud coupled with precious 1970's vintage organic lemongrass from Zanzibar.  
Sparkling fresh lemon notes twinkle through top, middle and base - a miracle made possible by the absence of citrus oils in the formulation.  Ordinary citrus perfumes turn rancid within a couple of years due to oxidation of the citrus top notes, so our Perfumer Christi Meshell designed an artful accord of verbena, melissa, and vintage lemongrass - noble essences that will mature magnificently in the years to come (due to the un-denatured grape ethanol base) and will never spoil - a quality shared by all House of Matriarch perfumes.

"she was born from friendship, passion, and the ardent necessity to create. This entire process was wonderful, it grew from a desire to see more fragrances with almost startlingly different notes come together in one harmonious experience. An androgynous creation that was also made to celebrate powerful femininity. As Christi created the perfume I created the companion pieces- Visual works of art that are representative to the olfactive art she was making. It was wonderful, and inspiring to work alongside another artist on this unique experience that is she." - Kristin West
For women, men and everyone in between. she is a perfume for adepts of natural perfumery, initiates of magical aromatherapy and collectors of vintage perfumes. 
Pre-order now for shipment on International Women's day - March 8th.

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MUSIC & FRAGRANCE: Emily Haines unveils her fragrant co-creation with House of Matriarch's Christi Meshell

Posted on November 20, 2017 by Matriarch Blog

“My fragrance collaboration with House of Matriarch started as a long-ago wish. The last time I passed through Seattle on tour with Metric, HoM Creatrix Christi Meshell had left a very special gift for me in my dressing room, a curated selection of some of her most intoxicating scents: Trillium, Black No 1, Madrona, Orca... I was fascinated by the names etched into these gorgeous blue bottles in copper, and I loved the way that inhaling these mysterious combinations of florals and earth and wood made me feel. This was definitely not perfume as I had experienced it within the conventional realms of headache-inducing magazine samples and those faux glitzy duty-free zones in airports. This was its magical opposite.

I imagined myself creating my own signature scent someday with House of Matriarch but it wasn’t until I had completed Choir of the Mind that I finally worked up the nerve to reach out to Ms. Meshell and just straight-up ask. To my delight and surprise, she responded to my message immediately with a resounding YES (along with an impressive knowledge of the entire Metric discography and mythology.)

Turns out she was as fond of collaborations as I am, (the trio of Twin Peaks scents she created with David Lynch for example), and in no time we were delving into possibilities. Having embarked on this knowing nothing, I learned a lot in a very short period of time. Christi generously guided me through the process, starting with dozens of options, teaching me the components of each scent profile and the possibilities that exist within them, honing in on the elements I responded to most through a meticulous series of questions and responses. And so it is with great pleasure that I present to you to my latest labor of love... Siren.

Siren is composed of a base of amber, Moroccan rose and East Indian sandalwood with saffron, narcissus and Gandhi root top notes. It is pure perfume of the highest concentration possible. The sleeves around the bottles will also be personally autographed.

Dark Forest, Siren’s companion incense is a 100% natural cone created around the sacred Palo Santo. Used by shamans for centuries, it was sourced from the Yucatan Peninsula. Copal, frankincense, hemp, cedar wood and evergreens represent fragrant treasures from every corner of the globe. Dark Forest offers a mystical and expansive fragrance experience not experienced with artificial incenses.

A limited quantity of both Siren and Dark Forest will be exclusively available on the upcoming Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton Choir of the Mind Tour. A select number of bottles of Siren will be available on the House of Matriarch online shop 

Siren is vegan, cruelty free, halal and unofficially kosher.  This decadent perfume of premium quality and concentration is free of animal products, SD40, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, silicone, PG, DPG, nitro musks and the "mystery molecules" found in mainstream perfumes. 

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Top Fall / Autumn Fragrances - Carlos Powell, The Brooklyn Fragrance Lover Selects Coco Blanc!

Posted on October 18, 2017 by Matriarch Blog

The only 100% natural perfume to make Brooklyn Fragrance Lover's 2017 list!
  Coco Blanc by House of Matriarch
Click here to watch the full review

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L.A. Story's Jessa Moore has a new Fragrant Obsession: "Coco Blanc is the Opposite of Expectations"

Posted on September 20, 2017 by Matriarch Blog

"Coco Blanc smells earthy, and sexy, and expensive, in a way mainstream fragrances don’t. I find many niches pretty unwearable if they are too out there. Yet this scent also reminds me of home."
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House of Matriarch Receives 2017 Perfumery Website Design Award

Posted on September 06, 2017 by Matriarch Blog

"National Press Distributors recently completed analysis of the best website designs across the Fine Perfume and Fragrance industry in the national market. NPD named House of Matriarch as the winner of the “2017 Perfumery Website Design Award.”

A multitude of criteria were ruthlessly scanned to ensure the best design was awarded. Flawless graphic design, innovative user interface, and overall experience are a few of the categories examined for clarity and accomplishments.

The House of Matriarch achieves the perfect balance of refined imagery with an intriguing interface, aimed to make the viewer feel comfortable while browsing through their selections. Storytelling is readily available, providing the customer with an experience as they choose their favorite new fragrances to try. The shop makes checking out as easy as shopping, improving the common pitfalls of e-commerce websites today."

Full article link here.

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Big Beard Crushes the box and gives 7/7 to Madrona - Lavender & Vetiver Unisex Fragrance

Posted on September 02, 2017 by Matriarch Blog

Youtube lifestyle reviewer Big Beard gives a 7 out of 7 rating for MADRONA
Click to see his in depth review of Madrona 

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