House of Matriarch Ad Debuts on Reuter’s Times Square Billboard New York City + Per-fumum Through Smoke Draw

Posted on February 08, 2016 by Matriarch Blog

HOUSE OF MATRIARCH 15 Minutes of Fame Times Square Reuter's Billboard

From the ÇaFleureBon Blog

HOUSE OF MATRIARCH 15 Minutes of Fame Times Square Reuter's Billboard

If you are a reader of ÇaFleureBon, chances are you are already familiar with  Christi Meshell, the Seattle Natural Perfumer who creates luxe botanical perfumes under her award winning artisan brand House Of Matriarch. If you live, work or have visited New York City, you can't miss the interactive billboard that crawls up the side of The Reuter's Building at 3 Times Square.  On any given day you will see advertisements for iconic brands such as Nike, Victoria Secrets, Honda, and  Revlon but never before has an Indie American  perfume company captured the attention of 89 million jaded New Yorkers, who thought that they had seen everything. Natural Perfumery rose to new heights Thursday January 4, 2016 at 3:49 P.M., when "per-fumum" (the Latin word for perfume meaning through smoke) literally curled around the 22 stories of the one of the  most highly visible icons of New York City that welcomes 1.5 million people a day.

Michelyn Camen, Editor in Chief of ÇaFleureBon

To commemorate this historical moment for natural perfumery Christi is offering a draw for a worldwide registered reader for 50 ml of your choice of Orca, (great for winter) Trillium, (Best of Scent 2015 Contributors and EditorsAlbatross, Madrona, Forbidden, (created for The CaFleureBon/Natural Perfumer's Guild Oephiucius 13th sign project, our review here, Black No. 1, (formerly known as Blackbird our review here),  Devotion (our review here), Coco Blanc(MC's favorite our review here) or  Sex Magic (our review here). ​To be eligible please leave a comment on the ÇaFleureBon blog post with which perfume you would like should you win, how you feel that natural perfumery has broadened its appeal in such a highly visible way and where you live by 2/9/2016.

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