Not your grandma's rose perfume - EnTendre for Mother's Day

Posted on April 27, 2015 by Angie Ashton

This Mother's Day, why get her flowers that only last a few days, when you can get her perfume that lasts the whole year through? 
EnTendre is a memorable and long-lasting Mother's Day gift.
“[EnTendre] is soft, sensual and yet there is something bright and carnal about these few notes. I got a beautiful fresh rose, not the synthetic or 'grandma' type ;) This is bright, juicy and freshly opened rose after the rain. It fades shortly and you are left with sandalwood, like, the best sandalwood I have smelled, so soft and smooth and has a depth to it. There must be something else here? It is gorgeous, sexy, feminine and wraps you in a light yet warm sensual aura.” – Scentscape on Fragrantica
From our Perfumer, Christi Meshell:
"I designed EnTendre to have a cooling effect, and to smell like my childhood memories of my grandmother Caddie Ruth Davidson's flower chiller from the 1970's, yet this perfume turned out surprisingly modern. 'Mama' was a florist in Texas, and she sold her arrangements right out of her 'front room'. It was so hot in the summertime, and I loved sneaking a refreshing sniff inside the refrigerated case. She never scolded me, only raised an eyebrow as she lowered her chin slightly. We both knew it was wrong, but that I was powerless to resist the chilly air and divine aroma inside. If she were still here, she would drench herself in it! Accompanying notes of cigar tobacco and eyebrow pencils complete the olfactory backdrop"
Pick up a bottle for the Matriarch in your life here.

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