Happy Lunar New Year: Got wood? Get your goat back with luxurious artisan fragrances

Posted on February 19, 2015 by Claire Thornhill

Happy New Moon and Happy Chinese New Year, the year of the Wood Sheep!

There's been some debate to whether or not this is the year of the sheep or the goat. The truth of the matter is the way the Chinese zodiac character is made it is actually that whole grouping of animals: ram, goats, & sheep. We are calling it the Year of the Goat to make it easy. The saying "get your goat" roots back to the traditional need to have a goat on a farm to keep other animals calm. Wood notes are very grounding and centering and help you stay calm and balanced. if someone takes your goat away, you can always spray your House of Matriarch and get your goat back!

"The Chinese astrology expert says Wood industries should do well this year, as the element — which represents growth and change — dominates 2015. Wood industries include architecture, manufacturing with natural products, fashion, food, publications like newspapers, magazines and books, and education. 'Those who listen and communicate with their customers will thrive,' Ingber says." - Fortune

We listen to our customers and they love wood! Our favorite wood notes are Buddhawood, Pinion Pine, Thuja, Siamwood, Oakwood, & Cork. Some of our most popular perfumes with prominent wood notes are: SexMagic, Alpha, The Maj, Immortal. What are your favorite wood notes? Go to Facebook and let us know in the comments of this post!


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